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The Prevention Project: Melding Science, Law and Social Engagement to End Chemical-Related Disease

Timothy Malloy, Virginia Zaunbrecher
UCLA Sustainable Technology and Policy Program

The action-oriented Prevention Project will rid the world of chemical-related diseases. The problem: Toxic chemicals are pervasive—hundreds of chemicals are in our tissues and bodily fluids—and are linked to scores of public health issues, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and obesity. Existing legal and business approaches are doomed to fail because they focus on risk management—keeping exposure down to “safe” levels. Our big idea: Make primary prevention real. The Prevention Project aims to avoid use of toxic chemicals rather than controlling them. Through an integrated, multidisciplinary effort, it will leverage emerging science like predictive toxicology, green chemistry, and alternatives analysis; will shape, evaluate, and promote new policy tools and laws; and will teach everyone from school children to business managers to legislators about the value and tools of prevention. It will make us healthier by radically transforming society’s relationship to chemicals.

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